Immersive and experiential installation

Typoe’s “Forms from Life” at Faena Arts Center in Buenos Aires

“Forms from Life” is Typoe’s first solo exhibition in Latin America, showing at Faena Arts Center in Buenos Aires from July 20th through July 31st. The artist transforms “Sala Molinos” into a surrealist labyrinth of fantasy. His monumental children’s building blocks and towers bring to mind the Art Deco facades and tropical colors of Miami – the artist’s hometown – and the ruins of classical architecture from ancient Rome. Exploring basic geometry, order and beauty, the artist reimagines the basic building blocks of our physical world. Fluorescent and flamingo pinks, tropical turquoise and tangerine orange are highlighted by faux-marble classical columns and arches that tease the imagination.

The installation invites visitors to construct new worlds for their dreams, generating new experiences of communal creation and social interaction. Timed to coincide with the local school year’s winter break, “Forms from Life” will be a call to play, build and experiment – a space for collective creativity.

Typoe (b. Miami, 1983) is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice plays upon the constant tension between the dark recesses of the urban underground and the shimmering bling of celebrity. Often working with gunpowder, fire, plastic, spray paint and found objects, Typoe’s work evolves in response to a given situation or environment.

For “Forms from Life” the artist has moved away from his signature gunpowder paintings that play with both representation and materiality, in favor of creating an entirely immersive and experiential installation inside the Faena Art Center. Based in Miami, Typoe has participated in gallery and museum shows around the world and exhibited his work in Mexico City, New York, Los Angeles and Basel. Typoe is co-founder and Creative Director of PRIMARY, an art collective and gallery in Miami.

  • Faena Arts Center, Sala Molinos
  • Aimé Paine 1169, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires
  • Saturday, Sunday and Monday 12-19
  • Admission: 50 pesos, Mondays free
  • July 20th through July 31st, 2016

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